General Purpose Cement in Plastic Bag 25kg

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The 25kg aka as Mastercrete or its alternatives. Requiring less water, it offers heightened resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and better mixture adherence. Ideal for various purposes like concrete constructions, bricklaying, flooring screed, and plaster rendering. Compliant and consistent in quality, it's perfect for all cementing projects.

Product Description

This 25kg bag of general-purpose cement. It boasts enhanced resistance to freeze and thaw effects, requires less water, and produces a better adherent mixture compared to traditional cement types. This makes it perfect for use in a variety of purposes, including concrete constructions, bricklaying, flooring screed and plaster rendering. It conveys consistent quality and compliance with accepted standards, thus the ideal choice for diverse cementing projects.

Product Specification

BrandsBlue Circle, Lafarge, CEMEX, Hanson, Breedon, Mannok Quinn
Weight (kg)25