SprayFinish 25kg

SKU: 100646
The 25kg SprayFinish, specially designed for large-scale skim finish applications, can be easily applied with a spray machine for quick mixing and dispensing. It provides an extended set time for smoothing wider spaces and can be used manually, if desired. No need for sanding as it guarantees a smooth, even surface, ready for decoration, and upholds the industry's typical finishing plaster quality standards.

Product Description

The 25kg SprayFinish is ideal for skim finish applications on large wall areas. It can be conveniently applied using a spray machine engineered to mix and dispense the finishing plaster quickly. Unlike standard plaster, it offers a prolonged set time, offering flexibility to smoothen out larger spaces. Even though it is designed for machine application, users have the option to apply it by hand, if preferred. This product eliminates the need for sanding and delivers a smooth, consistent surface, which is ready for decoration. It meets typical quality norms and standards associated with finishing plasters.

Product Specification

BrandsBritish Gypsum, Gyproc, Thistle, Knauf, Siniat, Lafarge.
MaterialGypsum Plaster
Weight (kg)25
Standard ReferenceBES 6001
Coverage11m² at 2mm
Time To Set105 minute minimum set time
Life SpanStored correctly, this product has a shelf life of four months, and bags are marked with a use by date so you can use them in strict rotation.