Quick-Setting Plaster Finish 25kg

SKU: 100638
The Quick-Setting Plaster Finish is a fast-acting gypsum plaster, excellent for surface repairs and internal walls or ceilings. It guarantees a set time of 60 minutes, ensuring no delays. It creates a smooth, ready-to-decorate surface and requires no extra ingredients for preparation. Apply on pre-treated surfaces for optimal results.

Product Description

This Quick-Setting Plaster Finish is a fast-acting gypsum finish plaster, perfect for repairing surfaces and ideal for smaller internal walls and ceilings. With its ability to set in just 60 minutes, this product delivers a reliable set time for every use without unexpected delays or wait times. It's simple to apply and yields a smooth surface that's ready for decorative finishes. This one-stop product requires no additional ingredients for a quick set. Make sure to apply it on pre-treated surfaces for best results.

Product Specification

BrandsBritish Gypsum, Gyproc, Thistle, Knauf, Siniat, Lafarge.
Weight (kg)25