Joint Cement - 20 - 10kg Bag

SKU: 100636
This 10kg Joint Cement bag is perfect for plasterboard jointing, cove adhesion, and various filling tasks. It's user-friendly, fast-setting, and great for small reparations and patching providing minimal shrinkage. It adheres to painted surfaces, requires less surface preparation and fewer coats, ensuring a smooth, professional finish quickly, thereby saving time and costs.

Product Description

This 10kg bag of Joint Cement is perfect for plasterboard taping, jointing, and general purpose filling tasks, as well as acting as an efficient cove adhesive. With its quick setting capability, this joint cement is user-friendly to mix and apply. It is an ideal choice for minor repairs, patching, and small jobs, offering minimal shrinkage and excellent usability. Easy to sand for a smooth finish and capable of adhering to painted surfaces, this product not only reduces the amount of surface preparation needed but also ensures a professional finish in no time. The joint cement's ability to deliver a quality finish with fewer coats allows for time and cost efficiency.

Product Specification

BrandsBritish Gypsum, Gyproc, Thistle, Knauf, Siniat, Lafarge.
Weight (kg)10