Casting Plaster Plus 25kg

SKU: 100630
The Casting Plaster Plus is a premium, hemihydrate plaster ideal for casting decorative art and architecture. Its superior strength, adaptability, and controlled setting are perfect for benchworks. Responsibly sourced from pure gypsum in Nottinghamshire, UK, it captures fine details excellently for ornate plasterworks. It's compliant with industry standards, offering up to nine months of stable shelf life.

Product Description

The Casting Plaster Plus is a high-quality plaster perfectly designed for casting of decorative art and architectural elements. It's enriched with a uniquely formulated hemihydrate plaster, derived from naturally occurring, supremely pure gypsum mineral. This plaster's extra strength, practicability, and controlled setting properties make it suitable for benchworks. It guarantees excellent workability and captures fine details brilliantly, making it ideal for producing ornate plasterworks. This product is sourced from high purity gypsum, responsibly mined in Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK. It promises a stable shelf life of up to nine months. It's adherent to standard compliance and quality measures associated with this type of product.

Product Specification

BrandsBritish Gypsum, Gyproc, Thistle, Knauf, Siniat, Lafarge.
Weight (kg)25
Time To Set30 min