Acoustic Plasterboard RAPID Tapered Edge 2400mm x 900mm x 15mm

SKU: 100612
The Acoustic Plasterboard, identifiable by its blue paper face, ensures a quiet, peaceful environment with noise insulating core. Its narrow width and tapered edge enable efficient construction of internal wall linings, and it can be directly decorated or plastered. Fully compliant with EN 520 - Type D, it is specifically designed for residential use.

Product Description

This Acoustic Plasterboard features a higher density noise insulating core and is specifically dimensioned for residential applications. This product has a tapered edge finish and its narrow width makes it ideal for a swift and easy construction of internal wall linings. Recognisable by its distinct blue paper face, the board can be directly decorated or finished with a layer of plaster. This product significantly cuts down on airborne noise transmission, offering a quiet and peaceful living environment. The plasterboard complies with EN 520 - Type D, ensuring its quality and standards.

Product Specification

BrandsBritish Gypsum, Knauf, Gyproc, Siniat, Lafarge, Armstrong, Rockfon
MaterialGypsum Plasterboard
ColourBlue Brown
Width (mm)900
Length (mm)2400
Thickness (mm)15
Edge DetailTapered Edge
Moisture ResistantNo
Weight (kg)31.465
Standard ReferenceEN 520 Type A
ApplicationDot & Dab
Thermal Conductivity Internal (W/mK)0.25