500ml Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner

SKU: 100595
The 500ml Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner, ideal for removing wet or uncured foam, can be used independently or connected to a Foam Gun Applicator. It efficiently cleans foam from the gun and various construction substrates. Compliant with quality standards, it offers extensive utility in building projects.

Product Description

The 500ml Dual Purpose Foam Cleaner is designed for the removal of wet or uncured foam. It can be connected to a Foam Gun Applicator for purging, but also features a spray nozzle for independent use. This allows for the efficient cleaning of wet foam from the exterior of the gun and from the majority of construction substrates. Proven compliant with standard quality checks, this cleaner offers wide-ranging utility in building applications.

Product Specification

BrandsFischer, Rawlplug, Everbuild, Sika, Gripfill, Bond-It, Bostik, No Nonsense, Gorilla, TEC7
Packaging TypeAerosol
Volume (L)0.5