Standard Adhesive Construction Gun 290ml

SKU: 100585
The 290ml Adhesive Construction Gun offers high-strength quality for various building tasks. Its tackified solvent-free system makes it suitable for bonding different substrates, especially porous ones. Praised for its robust design promoting efficiency and durability, this adhesive gun is perfect for all your bonding needs.

Product Description

This generic 290ml Adhesive Construction Gun boasts a high-strength quality perfect for various building and home improvement applications. It is formulated on a tackified solvent-free system, ensuring a gap-filling, multipurpose adhesive suitable for bonding various substrates, particularly porous ones. Its robust structure and design promote efficiency, standard compliance, and durability, making it ideal for all your adhesive application needs.

Product Specification

Width (mm)50
Height (mm)230
Volume (L)0.29
Dimensions (metric)230mm x 50mm