Pair CC16 Ceramic Cartridge

SKU: 100521
The CC16 half-inch ceramic cartridge is a must-have component for a variety of tap brands, including Perrin Roe and Franke. Compliant with standard specifications, its quality build guarantees smooth operation and durability. It's the perfect universally adaptable choice for replacing worn-out cartridges, ensuring hassle-free tap maintenance.

Product Description

The CC16 half-inch ceramic cartridge is a crucial component for tap fittings. Suitable for various tap brands such as Perrin Roe and Franke, this cartridge caters to a wide range of specifications. With standard compliance and known for its quality make, it ensures smooth operation and longevity of your tap. Replace worn-out cartridges with this universally adaptable version for a hassle-free tap maintenance experience.

Product Specification

BrandsHoneywell, JG Speedfit, Armitage Shanks, McAlpine, Floplast, Fernox
Width (mm)24
Length (mm)24
Height (mm)55.2
Weight (kg)0.065
Dimensions (metric)110mm