Weep Vent Black

SKU: 100498
This discreet weep vent snugly fits between two bricks, providing cavity ventilation and drainage for lintels and cavity trays. It features an angled grill for protection against insects and wind-driven rain. While not suitable for certain high structures in England due to regulations, an A1 Fire Rated metal alternative is available for environments with higher fire rating requirements. Placement recommendations are at 450mm intervals with at least two above windows and doors as per NHBC.

Product Description

This discreet weep vent fits snugly between two bricks, providing ventilation for cavities and drainage for lintels and cavity trays. The vent is characterised by an angled grill that helps guard against insect infiltration and wind-driven rain ingress. It's noteworthy that this weep vent, made of plastic, may not be suitable for use in certain high structures and close-to-boundary walls in England. However, it could suit other locations subject to regulation considerations. For sites requiring higher fire rating standards, one could consider the option of a metal A1 Fire Rated alternative. The National House Building Council (NHBC) requirements recommend placement at 450mm intervals with at least two above all windows and doors.

Product Specification