Double Triangle Wall Tie 300mm

SKU: 100443
The 300mm Double Triangle Wall Tie is a Type 3 fixture ideally suited for residential & small commercial properties up to 15m high. To handle winds of 27m/s, a cavity of 151-175mm, and prevent moisture transfer, it's designed with an easy-to-install, multi-drip feature. Complying with CE standards, it's shipped in sets of 250 units per box.

Product Description

The Double Triangle Wall Tie, 300mm in length, is a Type 3 fixture suitable for use in external walls of residential properties and small commercial constructions up to 15 metres tall. This robust wall tie accommodates a 151-175mm cavity and is designed for regions with a basic wind speed of up to 27m/s and no more than 150m above sea level. A standout feature is its multi-drip design, aimed at preventing moisture from crossing the cavity. Additionally, the design caters to easy installation, as it can be fitted either way up. The product, conforming to CE standards, is supplied in sets of 250 units per box.

Product Specification

MaterialStainless Steel
Length (mm)300