Double Triangle Wall Tie 250mm

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The type 3 Double Triangle Wall Tie, designed for external walls of homes and small commercial buildings, ensures safety and longevity with a wind speed threshold of 27m/s and multi-drip feature to avoid moisture. Suitable for structures up to 15m high and cavities 101-125mm wide, it can be installed in either orientation and comes in boxes of 250. CE marked for safety standard compliance.

Product Description

This is a type 3 Double Triangle Wall Tie, sized at 250mm, specifically designed for external walls of residential homes or small commercial buildings. It aptly suits structures with a height up to 15 metres and a cavity width between 101-125mm, located at altitudes not exceeding 150m above sea level. The wall tie can withstand basic wind speeds of up to 27m/s, assuring safety and durability. It comes with a multi-drip feature that effectively prevents moisture from travelling across the cavity, ensuring the dryness and longevity of your walls. Conveniently designed, the wall tie can be installed in an upward or downward orientation. This product is CE marked, demonstrating its compliance with the relevant safety standards. Each box is adequately packed with 250 such wall ties for your bulk requirements.

Product Specification

MaterialStainless Steel
Length (mm)250