Timber Frame Cavity Wall Tie Box 100

SKU: 100404
Type 6, cranked cavity wall tie, perfect for up to 4 storey timber-framed buildings. Features annular ring shank nail for simple installation and designed to hinder moisture cross-cavity. Suitable for 100mm cavity width and comes with CE Marking for safety and environmental standards adherence.

Product Description

This is a Type 6, cranked cavity wall tie, perfect for timber-framed building construction up to 4 storeys high. It's complete with an annular ring shank nail and has a cranked design to prevent moisture from crossing the cavity, thus facilitating easy installation. It's suitable for a cavity width of 100mm and comes with the assurance of CE Marking, indicating adherence to European standards of safety, health, and environmental protection.

Product Specification

MaterialStainless Steel
Length (mm)100
Dimensions (metric)100mm