Light Reinforced Angle Bracket

SKU: 100381
Light reinforced angle brackets, made of pre-galvanised mild steel, offer a perfect blend of strength and practicality. Ideally used for crafting small structural joinery, enhancing furnishings, and building compact frames, these versatile fittings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, promising durability and lasting performance.

Product Description

Light reinforced angle brackets are versatile fittings ideal for creating small structural joinery, perfect for both internal and external applications. Made from pre-galvanised mild steel ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Suitable for enhancing interior furnishings, crafting compact frames, and more, signifies a blend of strength and utility.

Product Specification

MaterialPre-galvanised Steel
Width (mm)40
Length (mm)40
Height (mm)40
Thickness (mm)2
Dimensions (metric)40mm x 40mm