Black Woven Geotextile Membrane 4.5m x 100m

SKU: 100250
The Black Woven Geotextile, measuring 4.5m x 100m, serves as a cost-effective, multipurpose fabric for domestic and commercial constructions. Primarily used to separate and filter layers under roads, hard standing areas, new buildings, and industrial regions, it ensures solid separation of granular fill from subsoils. Meets industry-standard quality and compliance guidelines.

Product Description

The Black Woven Geotextile measuring 4.5m x 100m is an efficient and economical choice for both domestic and commercial applications. Primarily used for separation and filtration, it forms an excellent strengthening layer under access roads and hard standing areas. This standard grade product is highly useful in creating layers under stone foundations for new buildings, as well as under new roads, car parks, and industrial regions. It ensures robust separation of granular fill from sub soils and various types of fill, meeting the requisites of industry-standard quality and compliance.

Product Specification

MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Length (m)100
Width (m)4.5
Weight (kg)36
Dimensions (metric)4.5m x 100m