Integral Liquid Waterproofer 5L

SKU: 100061
The 5L Integral Liquid Waterproofer is a versatile waterproofing solution fitting both indoor and outdoor use, applicable for wall renders and cement floor screeds. Utilizes colloidal silicates to block water transmission in cement devices. Safe even for contact with drinking water. Ideal for post-damp proof course application. It's an economic, chloride-free option for all waterproofing needs.

Product Description

The 5L Integral Liquid Waterproofer offers an effective solution for waterproofing needs. This aqueous formulation contains intricate colloidal silicates which, when exposed to water, swell and block the capillaries & pores in the sand/cement renders, screeds, & mortars it's applied to. Not only does it provide a formidable barrier against water transmission, but it's also versatile, apt for both internal and external use as well as in all cement floor screeds and wall renders. Perfect for use after damp proof course (DPC) replacement. An economic, chloride-free option, it's even suitable for contact with drinking water. For an uncompromising blend of value and performance, choose this Integral Liquid Waterproofer.

Product Specification

BrandsCementone, Blue Circle, Hanson, Sika, LaFarge, Breedon
Volume (L)5