Mortar Plasticiser, 5L

SKU: 100023
This 5-litre universal liquid mortar plasticiser enhances brick and blockwork mortar's workability, creating a high-quality, robust mix requiring less water. It increases frost resistance, reduces efflorescence for weather adaptability, and is non-corrosive to steel, aiding material longevity. It complies with EN 934-3 standards. One bottle treats approximately 200kg of cement, making it cost-effective.

Product Description

This is a universal, 5-litre liquid mortar plasticiser, specifically designed to enhance the workability of brick and blockwork mortars. It helps produce a high-quality, 'fatty' mortar that requires less water and results in increased strength. Apart from improving the frost resistance of hardened mortar, it also helps reduce efflorescence, making it suitable for diverse weather conditions. One of its distinctive qualities is that it is non-corrosive to steel, preserving the lifespan of the building material. This product is known for its compliance with EN 934-3 air entraining/plasticising admixtures, ensuring standard compliance. To provide a sense of its consumption, approximately 0.125 litres can cater to a 25kg bag of cement, making it both practical and cost-efficient.

Product Specification

BrandsCementone, Blue Circle, Hanson, Sika, LaFarge, Breedon
Volume (L)5