Maxipack Multi Purpose Concrete in Plastic Bag 20kg

SKU: 100021
Maxipack Multi-Purpose Concrete is a versatile solution, ideal for numerous building uses such as foundations, walls, and paths. Packaged in handy 20kg bags for ease of mixing, it requires only water. It's perfect for strong, durable construction and renovation projects, prioritising high quality outcomes.

Product Description

This Maxipack Multi-Purpose Concrete is ideal for a range of everyday building uses. Available in convenient 20kg plastic bags, it allows for easy and quick mixing, needing only the addition of water. This versatile concrete is perfect for numerous projects, such as foundations, walls, paths and steps. It is a handy material to have around for construction and renovation work requiring strong, durable concrete. Above all, it prioritises high quality results and practicality.

Product Specification

BrandsCementone, Blue Circle, Hanson, Sika, LaFarge, Breedon, Quinn Cement
Packaging TypePlastic Bag
Weight (kg)20