Quick Repair Concrete 2.5kg

SKU: 100014
Quick Repair Concrete is a pre-mixed, fast-drying solution for floor and surface repairs. Ready to use and set in 30 minutes, it comes in a resealable container for extended use. It effectively fills with a depth up to 50mm and is versatile, delivering swift, high-quality results. Caution: May cause skin irritation.

Product Description

This is a pre-mixed, quick-drying concrete, perfect for fixing floors, pathways and surfaces. It sets in roughly 30 minutes and comes in a valuable, resealable container to ensure prolonged usability. With a depth of up to 50mm, it's ready to use, requiring no additional mixing. Despite its effective potency, care should be taken during use as contact with skin may lead to irritation or burns. The Quick Repair Concrete is ideal for a versatile range of repairs, delivering speedy and high-quality results.

Product Specification

BrandsCementone, Blue Circle, Hanson, Sika, LaFarge, Breedon, Quinn Cement
Packaging TypeTub
Weight (kg)2.5
Time To Set30 min